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  Note: This course was retired at the end of 2006. It has been replaced by the IT Applications course

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1. General IT Resources Software Tutorials, worksheets .. 1. VITTA  ...... VCAA ...... NSW Course
2. Tutorials, resources , timelines and links 2. Exam Revision 
3. Rupert Russell's awesome resources --- thanks Rupert Russell 3. Quizzes
4. IPM Lecture notes --- thanks Mark Kelly  4. Formats and Conventions -- thanks VCAA 
5. Past Exams and Solutions and Preparation  5. Heinemann CD Case Study List -- thanks to Keith Richardson
6. Request for Password to access Resources  6. Unit 4 support material -- thanks Antonia Caridi
7. Sample SACs,Case Studies and support material          (password required ) 7. New Study Design (©VCAA) - 2003 -2006
8. New Study Design vs old - 2003 -2006 8. Copyright and Privacy

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