[Moodle] Moodle 2, WebDAV & Cloud storage

Kevork Krozian kevork at edulists.com.au
Mon Nov 12 13:26:10 EST 2012

Hi Donald,

 Great work. I am sure many will benefit from your experience.

 We too have managed to get iPads uploading to our WebDAV server which
happens to redirect students to their home drives on a Windows 2008
server (internally or externally)

  As Moodle can accept uploads from a number of sources including a WebDAV
server they can upload to Moodle courses from that WebDAV server.
 So we now have 2 way movement from iPads to WebDAV servers ( which is the
student's home drive) and from there 2 way movement to Moodle courses.

 This required rewriting some of the PHP pages in Moodle amongst a few
other changes to allow the Windows server to connect nicely.

 The real problem this has solved (apart from moving data to and from the
iPad and home drives and Moodle) is removing the dependency on the cloud
as the only option when internet performance is poor during the day.

Take Care
Ringwood SC

> Colleagues
> This is a follow up from my email sent a few months ago regarding Moodle 2
> and WebDAV.
> I have made a number of progress regarding Moodle 2 using iPad (and other
> mobile devices). It seemed that WebDAV repository was not behaving
> properly rather than incorrect WebDAV configuration on my server. The
> breakthrough for me is that "WebDAV server" must include the port number
> and you must leave the "WebDAV server port" entry EMPTY. I have also found
> that each user must create their own WebDAV repository pointing to their
> own Home Directory. WebDAV Configuration for my school is available from
> http://www.vermontsc.vic.edu.au/curriculum/ipad/webdav. There are other
> documents on our website regarding iPad as well.
> For other cloud services, I managed to get Google Drive, Microsoft
> Skydrive, Dropbox repositories all working successfully.
> The other plugin/module I found very useful is the Slideshow
> http://moodle.org/mod/data/view.php?d=13&rid=599 and with a minor
> modification (see https://moodle.org/mod/forum/discuss.php?d=38935) in one
> of the php file I got it working under Moodle v2.3.2+.
> If there are any schools interested in more information, you can email me
> <hewd at vermontsc.vic.edu.au> directly.
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