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Sun Aug 20 17:36:08 AEST 2017

Hi all,

I was looking for an alternative to Google's flash-based motion charts and found a new tool Chart.ca

Here is their blog: http://blog.charte.ca/

And their motion chart tool site: https://editor.charte.ca/#/

The tool exports a .svg file that students can save and view in any browser.

I put together (ie spent DAYS on) a set of instructions for my class to extract data from the World Bank dataset and create a motion chart using Charte.ca that shows the relationship between life expectancy and expenditure on health in Australia and other Asian countries.

It worked quite well so I thought I'd share.

Some traps:

  *   Use Firefox or Chrome only
  *   If you get an error about different versions of the tool, clear the browser's cache (they have been making quite frequent updates)

This may be too late for many of you, but I hope some find it useful.



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