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Visual literacy is something all students and teachers need to be familiar with. Students can produce digital visual content in a few minutes with our mobile devices but is it great content? Mobile phones, flip cameras, iPhones and the iPod Touch are all pervasive and visual information is everywhere online. The importance of being visually literate cannot be overstated. It is for this reason that VITTA is conducting the 1 in 1 competition again this year. Find out how you can use the creation of digital content to teach Visual Literacy with mobile technologies in your classroom. 

Who is this for? 

Teachers of any subject and any year level can incoprporate thye teaching of visual literacy though mobile devices into their classes. It is especially suitable for teachers of Secondary English and humanities students and all primary students. 

About 1in1 

The task: to create a 1 minute video using a mobile phone or mobile technology. 1in1 is a video competition for teams of school students. 1in1 is a challenge for school students to work closely together in a team to plan, film, edit and create a short video. Teams plan their video, film it, then edit it on computer so that it is just 1 minute long. The final product can be a video or animation 

Aims of 1in1 Competition 

1in1 is a challenge for school students to work closely together in a team to plan, create and film a short animation. It is also about active participation, problem solving, creative thinking, (as, for, of) learning in multimodal ways and having fun. 

Date : Thursday March 18, 2010 

Time: 4:30pm to 6:30pm 

Venue : VATE Training Room - Suite 201, 134 Cambridge Street, Collingwood Melways Map Ref: MAP 2C, E9 

BYO: Laptop 

More information and registration here 
Register here: http://www.vitta.org.au/events/event/visual-literacy-with-mobile-technologies 


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