VET Interactive Digital Media Certificate  II and III

A resource page for VET Multimedia  teachers

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Links to other Resources

1.VCAA multimedia resources (©VCAA) 1. Sample Sacs, support material  (password required )
2. Multmedia Resources - thanks Mark Ridgeway 2. Tutorials and Resources (IPM Focus)
3. VCAA Program Booklet  (©VCAA) 3. Yr 9 - 10 Multimedia Course -- by Keith Richardson
4. Exam revision 4. Australian National Training Authority
5. Rupert Russell's awesome resources --- thanks Rupert Russell 5. NSW VET IT OHS - by Claire Bloom
6. Timelines and Links 6. Multimedia Resources -- various contributors
7. Scored Assessment Presentation -- by Dean Pearman 7.NSW HSC IT course MM component - by Claire Bloom
8. Typography resources 1, 2-- by Karen McCarthy  

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