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If the Catholic Education Office tips in a lot of money to buy in then that
could help the developers to afford to be able improve it to a standard
where students and staff could use it efficiently and where the support
people become unnecessary and where it can deliver as promised and on time
and with an improved GUI

I would like that.
The one to one computer initiative gives us lots of opportunity to use the
By the way ­ have you used it on your smart phone yet? Have parents used it
on their smart phones? Have students? Has it been unblocked in most work
places (not schools but parents¹ work places)?

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On 5/04/11 6:51 PM, "Dave & Marree Mitchell" <davemarree at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all
> Sorry for the off topic question. I have just received word that the CEO have
> decided to purchase into the Ultranet renaming it to ICON and attempting to
> force all Catholic Schools into using this product. Just wondering if people
> could provide information on the Ultranet:
> 1) Status of the solution? Does it work? Does it still have issues with
> connectivity?
> 2) Is there a student tracking module in operation? (eg. behavioural tracking)
> Does it work well?????
> 3) What do people think of the CMS? Is this worthwhile using?
> 4) What is the administration system like? This too will require us to change
> solutions if implemented.
> Any other information would be greatly appreciated. I am not sure whether this
> is a great idea or whether it is going to be a white elephant, but your
> responses will help me make an informed opinion. If you like you can email me
> directly at:
> dmitchell at ecmelb.catholic.edu.au
> Kind regards,
> Dave Mitchell
> Systems Manager

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