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Rupert Russell rupert.russell1 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 10 01:47:18 EST 2005

PHP programming Teachers readers.

I have been using the Year 7 - 10 Information Technology Teachers' Mailing 
List for a while but this is my first posting to this list.

I sent an invitation to the IT list offering gmail invitations to users and 
received quite a few replies so I though I would repeat the offer here.

Gmail has bumped my invitation number back up to 50 again so I have plenty 
to hand out. 

A Gmail account is like a hotmail.com <http://hotmail.com> e-mail address 
but much better you get 2 GB of free space and it's not Microsoft (at least 
now we have 2 IT companies wanting to take over the world and not just 
one...) Gmail also has a spell checker that works very well which I find 
handy :-)

Anyway if you would like an invitation send an e-mail to my gmail address 
which is:

rupert.russell1 at gmail.com

And I will forward on an invitation to you.



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School of Education
University of Ballarat
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Victoria 3353

Ph. +613 5327 9965
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e-mail: r.russell at ballarat.edu.au
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