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Thu May 3 16:20:38 EST 2012

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Good afternoon.


The new Tomorrow Sport competition for Term 2 is getting underway.  There is
a competition for Years 5 & 6 students and another for years 7 & 8.  We have
new Challenges for the students. 

The Challenges all require some ICT skills and some require mathematical
work and may involve physical education related activities.


There is still time for you to sign up and have your students participate in
the competition. There are six new engaging and easy-to-complete Challenges
in the Term 2 competition.  

The Challenges can be completed in a lesson and the results uploaded by your
team captains to the Tomorrow Sport web site. The first Challenge is
available this week.


So far all of our teachers have signed up for the Football competition and
we hope you will be able to join up as well. If you send us a list of your
students we will enter the details into the competition. Then you can log in
and manage your students, create teams and team captains and so on.


Tell other teachers at your school about Tomorrow Sport. The more teams we
have the better the competition and the better the prizes! So, please tell
the other teachers at your school that there is still time to enter.

We look forward to seeing your students on the Term 2 Leaderboard.


You can read about the Tomorrow Sport Pilot in the recent April edition of
INSPIRE the DEECD magazine . The online version of the magazine can be found
at http://www.education.vic.gov.au/about/news/inspire/inspireapr2012.htm and
the article about Tomorrow Sport is shown on pages 46 and 47.


I hope you are interested and will sign up at
http://www.tomorrowsport.com.au   Just click on the Teacher sign-up page and
fill in your details. 




Tomorrow Sport - http://tomorrowsport.com.au 

Please note that the only sports on offer this term are Australian Rules
Football and Tennis.  

The Cricket and Netball sites are under development.


Tomorrow Sport Australian Rules Football site -


Tomorrow Sport Primary Football - introductory Challenge



Tomorrow Sport Secondary - Football - introductory Challenge



If you have any questions, the please contact either: 


Fay                                                      Paul

fay at vitta.org.au                              paulw at vitta.org.au






Paul Wright
VITTA - Project Office
T: +61 3 9495 6836
F: +61 3 9495 6834
E: paulw at vitta.org.au
W: www.vitta.org.au <http://www.vitta.org.au/> 
Suite 209, 134-136 Cambridge St,
Collingwood, VIC, 3066, Australia


VITTA ~ supporting all educators with ICTs anywhere, any time


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Conference & Expo - August 6 and 7, 2012

Call for Papers <http://www.vitta.org.au/callforpapers2012> 


Professional Learning

Tomorrow Sport <http://www.tomorrowsport.com.au/> 


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