[Aries] RE: Sem 2 Disks for Aries?

Healey, Sue SHealey at tintern.vic.edu.au
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Can I ask how the new struucture of the A+ Essential exam is being reflected by the curriculum. From the books based on the new exam structure students now need to have both hardware and OS knowledge before they can sit the Essentials exam. I want to sit this new exam in July to expereince the new version.
Sue Healey


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Hi Clarke,
     Wendy posted Hardware version 8.0 today and it will be enabled in a few hours. I'm sure CDs will follow, and you can talk to her or Wayne about when she predicts this will be. Just an FYI, we have a demo of what we've done to OS so far, but not an Alpha or Beta version. I'm completely redoing lessons 1-15 and updating 16-30. Creating new material takes time and I'm just finishing up lesson 9. Lessons 10-15 on Vista will take me one more week, I'll need one more week to create labs, exercises, quizes, etc and then we'll have to give Wendy time for Quality Analysis before it's posted. So perhaps we'll have OS posted around the end of July and CDs at some point after that. I'll keep you updated. Have a good weekend.
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	Dear Andrew and Aries list members


	Thanks for your email.


	I have had a discussion with Aries USA today and they have informed me that there is an imminent upgrade of the Sem II curriculum, fully re-vamped to include Vista.


	Therefore at this stage, ARIES will NOT be issuing CDs of Version 6.1 to schools.


	I have also been informed that there is a BETA version of this that I can let schools look at. Let me know and I'll arrange a login for you.


	Unfortunately, if you want to deliver 6.1 you will have to use the online accounts that will be issued to you when you request a class.


	If you have any questions, please contact me directly.


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	Hi Clark,


	Just begun the Aries sem 2 course, setting up the class etc.  Noticed the exam bank is version 6.1.  Currently at school we only have curriculum disk 5.0.  Is there a upgrade from V5.0 to version 6.1 and if so could we have it?




	Andy Bleach

	Mandurah Senior College

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