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Software list mapping stages of ICT development with Open Source Software -- thanks Pia Waugh
1. Live CD definition: -- 1.Research and higher education case studies:
2. Education version of Linux: -- 2.My blog ( Pia Waugh ) - good for keeping up with events:
3.Strategic documents - includes TCOs, FOSS around the world, policy and procurement links:
3.Local FOSS in Australia - what is happening in Australian Government,
the AGIMO guide, local companies:
4.The ASK-OSS Newsletter:
4.FOSS in education:
5.The 2007 Open CeBIT event - includes an rss aggragator of FOSS news:   -- 5.Linux Kernel Survey:  --
6.Accessibility - a few interesting links:
6.Free Trade Agreement stuff:
7. Linux Australia:  -- 7."Software Freedom":

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