Netiquette in the use of Mailing Lists at

This is a shared environment used by teachers, students and other interested parties.

At all times list members agree to abide by the following Code of Ethical Practice for use of these lists.  All members of these lists agree to :
1. seek to inform, question and clarify
2. not intend to harm
3. avoid unprofessional language
4. recognise individuals right to privacy
5. recognise ownership of intellectual resources
6. maintain upto date virus detection and cleaning
7. take responsibility for subscribing and unsubscribing to the lists
8. avoid setting "out of office" type auto replies on subscribed email accounts as these can cause mail loops on mailing lists.
9. always identify his or her self with a clear signature that shows name, location of school ( if applicable ) and capacity in which participating on the list eg. Teacher of the subject , faculty leader, industry representative
10. if you feel there has been a breach of netiquette guidelines, report it to the list moderator or Please do not take it upon yourself to publicly criticise or admonish another subscriber.
11. if a private message to an individual is the intention, do not write to the whole list or community
12. please do not commence a new thread using an old subject. Clearly change the subject if the intention is to commence a new thread.
13. "Infomercials", announcements regarding Professional Development, courses, conferences, and any other "advertising" such as alternative forums or discussion groups needs to be approved by the moderator of Edulists Kevork Krozian ( mobile: 0419 356 034 ) prior to posting to any list.

  If these conditions do not suit your needs please unsubscribe by following the links provided.

  Enjoy your time with the Mailing lists at Edulists !
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