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Welcome to the embedding elearning Wiki

Timeline of Action

  1. Audit curriculum for level of elearning tools and learning technologies used at High, Medium or Low level
  2. Audit software and hardware available by each Learning Area and VELS level also at High, Medium or Low level
  3. Audit staff ICT proficiency in each software and hardware item again at High, Medium and Low level
  4. Survey, investigate, research elearning tools through virtual communities, subject associations, search engines and other
  5. Outline action plan for acquisition, installation/updates to software, hardware and staff training
  • Establish a project management plan with appropriate tools eg. Gantt, Pert charts, critical path, milestones for implementation
  • Evaluate and reflect with feedback mechanisms both personalised and anonymous to inform planning for improvement

How elearning is used by Key Learning Area or VELS Level


  • SRI test - Scholastic Reading inventory to test student literacy level
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  • geogebra
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Health and Physical Education

  • heart rate monitor
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  • Robotics - year 10 elective, problem solving, application of programming language to robot actions,
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VELS Level 4

  • List Item

VELS Level 5

  • List Item

VELS Level 6

  • List Item
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